Industrial Relations

IR is essentially diverse in outlook, in that it covers not only the relations between employer and employee but also the relations between employers and unions and between them and the State.
  • The efficient production of goods and services and, at the same time, determination of adequate terms and conditions of employment, in the interests of the employer, employees and society as a whole, through a consensus achieved through negotiation.

  • The establishment of mechanisms for communication, consultation and cooperation in order to resolve workplace issues at enterprise and industry level, and to achieve through a tripartite process, consensus on labour policy at national level.

  • Mediation and settlement of disputes and differences between employers, employees and their representatives, where possible through negotiation and dispute settlement mechanisms.

  • Establishment of stable and harmonious relations between employers and employees and their organisations, as well as between them and the State.
At Taylor & Associates, we understand the importance of excellent communications between you, your workers and the state and we provide assistance in all aspects of industrial relations – from determination and design of adequate terms and conditions of employment through to wage negotiations with the unions.


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